Realme GT 5G Review – Smart Features, Great Performance


Realme GT5G is the first of its kind that provides a complete mobile entertainment solution with the combination of a powerful camera, spectacular video quality and user-friendly interface. The Realme Phone is a high-end smartphone which is powered by a quad-core MSM8XROM CPU, which is the first of its kind to run on the new Android operating system. It offers a unique blend of mobile entertainment features to complement its multi-functional and internet ready body. Users can enjoy a range of rich media features including video and music streaming, picture and video editing, gaming support, Bluetooth compatibility, Wi-Fi Calling, and WebRTC Technology with Realme Phone’s free Android Market application. realme gt 5g

Realme GT5G Review: For a full-featured smartphone that offers a unique combination of rich media features and incredible camera functionality, the Realme GT5G from HTC is certainly a great choice. With a stunning six-inch Super AMOLED display complete with capacitive touch sensitive buttons, the phone delivers a complete mobile experience. Users will be impressed by the smooth and effortless transition from landscape to portrait mode. The Realme GT5G also offers users instant access to their email folders, Google Now support, the HTC Sense emitter and the HTC Reality overlay, which allow you to enjoy a host of features from your preferred apps on your smartphone screen.

The Realme GT5G smartphone has a full functional home button that makes it easy to launch all of your favourite applications with a single tap. This phone comes with a stunning high definition camera which is equipped with digital zoom and optical image stabilization. The phone comes with a boot scan mode so that you are able to install any new apps without the risk of damaging your phone. Users will find that this phone runs smoothly while allowing you to download and install any application that has been approved for use on the iPhone. Realme GT5G also offers a dual SIM tray that allows you to enjoy a comfortable and hassle free approach to multi SIM connectivity.

Battery Life: With an impressive Adreno processor and a huge 4.2″ capacitance display, users will find that the Realme GT5G can offer a smooth and fluid browsing experience, along with an accurate representation of the time. The internal storage space of the Realme GT5G is adequate but users will find that the large memory card can put a strain on the low battery capacity of this smartphone. The phone also offers a large number of features including MMS, HTC Sense, and HTC Hub that provide users with additional functionality. These additional features can be especially useful if you have been on the go and needed to stay in touch with your loved ones, but found that your mobile network may not support streaming videos from YouTube or music.

Camera Performance: Users who love taking pictures will love the camera experience of the Realme GT5G. Users can take pictures of themselves and others, or capture special moments with friends using the built-in camera application. A self-timer is included and users can record up to eight images at any one time. You can also use the built-in video camera to film your graduation party or professional meeting. The iQoo 7 legend camera is also capable of recording videos. The front and back cameras have clear lenses that allow you to view your images in bright light without any eye strain.

Standard Features & Enhancements: The Realme GT5G is equipped with a colorful 3.5 inch capacitive multi-touch screen, spacious QWERTY keyboard, dual cameras with infrared capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, a high-definition camera gallery, micro SD card support, a battery, an accelerometer, an audio speaker, and a cool translucent home button. The Realme GT5G is packaged with a trio of high-quality luminous toners, and a standard sized eighteenGB xenon flash drive. The Realme GT5G is also packaged with two premium wired speakers and a sub-woofer for sound enhancement. Users have no trouble connecting the Realme GT5G to a worldwide network of Internet Service Providers (ISP) as it supports different data rates.

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